AfriGIS National Address Dictionary & Cadastre Data

National Address Dictionary Dataset Description & Features:



The NAD is a comprehensive spatial database of physical street addresses in South Africa. The AfriGIS National Address Database (NAD) not only contains the coordinates (longitude/latitude) for the individual properties, but also the correct hierarchy string for the street address. The Street Number is linked to the Street Name, which is linked to the Suburb, to the City/Town, and to the Province. The coordinates are given as the centroid of the individual properties.

Key Features:

  • Each street address has a unique numeric AfriGIS NAD ID.
  • AfriGIS NAD ID remains unique despite street name changes.
  • Audit trails of all updates to the AfriGIS NAD.
  • Metadata is available for each street address.
  • Not found address verification service (Cambio process) available.
  • Street addresses are linked to deeds and cadastral (land parcels) information.
  • The AfriGIS suburb and town, proclaimed town, municipality and province names are included for each street address.
  • Daily updates to the AfriGIS NAD.
  • New street addresses are regularly sourced from local authorities.


 Source : Local Authorities and AfriGIS Cadastre


Projection : Longitude / Latitude (WGS84)

Cadastre Dataset Description & Features:


The cadastre is a register of the surveyed property boundaries in the country, as captured by the Surveyor General’s Offices around the country.

Key Features:

  • Updates from the different Surveyor General Offices are integrated into a national dataset quarterly.
  • Farm names are provided for Farms and Farm Portions.
  • The AfriGIS suburb and town, municipality, SG Admin and province names are included for Farms and Farm Portions.
  • The AfriGIS suburb and town, municipality, SG Admin, SG Town and province names are included for Erven, Holdings and Parks.
  • Dataset can be supplied as Single Layer (limited attributes) or layers per land parcel type.
  • Land parcel type includes farms, farm portions, agricultural holdings, erven and parks or open areas.
  • Land parcels are linked to street addresses and deeds information (bonds and property transfer) – not included in this dataset.


AfriGIS Single Layer Cadastre

Source : Surveyor General

Format : TAB, ORACLE (Single Layer)

: ORACLE, SHP (Layers per land parcel type)

Projection : Longitude / Latitude (WGS84)