Climate Data

Your comprehensive climate data directory (data source: SAWS).


Climate is the average condition of the atmosphere at a place or in a region as observed over a period of at least 30 years. This average condition, or the climate, is usually described in terms of temperature, precipitation and wind.

In conjunction with South African Weather Services, ST Group provides the following climate data:

  • Average monthly and average annual hail days
  • Lightning ground flash density
  • Average monthly and average annual rainfall
  • Daily maximum rainfall

This dataset has proven exceptionally valuable within the insurance sector enabling analysts and actuaries to determine risk ratings for geographies that are prone to hail, lightning or heavy rainfall (especially when analysed together with soil and related geological data).

For retailers, the dataset answers questions for merchandisers and buyers alike, as seasonal rainfall and temperature determines which product lines to stock, where they should be stocked and when.



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