Africa Profiler

The comprehensive, detailed and spatially enabled economic and demographic database for Africa.

Africa Profiler

Supplied by Market Decisions, Africa Profiler is a comprehensive and detailed spatially enabled, economic and demographic database for Africa that is the result of the amalgamation of a variety of detailed, reliable and current data sources including: ADC World Map, UN, World Bank, UNGEGN, ISO, WTTC, The Africa Report, and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

This truly remarkable dataset offers tremendous insight for companies wishing to expand their footprint into Africa. This is a must have dataset for all businesses regardless of sector and a multitude of variables can be considered to determine a countries potential risk or attractiveness (such as political stability, inflation, FDI, GDP, ease of doing business, ease of obtaining credit, Mo Ibrahim Index, literacy, language, HIV, mobile penetration etc).

Africa Profiler is comprised of a multitude of layers with detailed attribute information that can be described as:

    • ADC World Map (All ADC World Map layers for Africa – Atlas Data)
    • o Airports, runways, ports, physiography, waterlines, water bodies, contours, major roads, railways etc.
    • Political Analysis (Leading party and political history)
    • Economic Regions (Regional classification and affiliation)
    • Languages (Official and other)
    • Currency (Tender, Codes etc)
    • Macro Data (Language, Ethnic, Religion, Population)
    • Economic Data (Urbanized pop, life expectancy, literacy, mobile penetration, inflation, GDP, FDI, foreign AID etc)
    • Population (density, expected growth 2015, HDI, age profiling)
    • World Bank Dev Indicator 2005 / 2008 / 2009 / 2012 (arable land, export % / GDP, GDP/capita, GNI indicators, import of goods, literary indicators, FDI, motor vehicles, unemployment , population, HIV, life expectancy etc)
    • Media (Newspapers, TV, Radio Stations, News agencies)
    • Ease of Doing Business (starting a business, getting credit etc)
    • Banks / Tourism
    • And much more!!

Complimenting this dataset is the detailed Quality Spatial Platform (QSP) for Africa. QSP is the leading vector dataset for countries throughout Africa (the data source for which is MapIT / TomTom), and is sold as an optional add-on for the African Profiler dataset on a country by country basis.

Detailed maps indicating streets, suburbs, cities, railway lines, land use, points of interest etc are available and are sold on a “country by country” basis. This level of data can be used to answer questions such as “Where is the nearest bush shelter in relation to an ATM?”; or “Where are hubs located that contain a shopping centre, filling station, ATM, and quick service restaurant within 500m of one another?”; or “How many competitors to I have within a 2 km radius of by stores?”

It is an extremely comprehensive and interactive geographic map base encompassing detailed data for both metropolitan and rural areas, which is updated bi-annually.


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