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FTTx Powerful planning solution tool for mass network roll-outs FTTx deployments

The FTTX Rapid Network Plannerâ„¢ is an automated design tool for companies deploying FTTx Networks in either Greenfield or Brownfield environments. The FTTx module enables users to create P2P and PON FTTx networks quickly and easily while producing the required design documentation for deployment and maintenance.

This module includes the following features:

  • Extensive functionalities for automated planning and documentation of FTTx networks
  • Flexible use for all FTTx technologies (P2P and PON) and infrastructure (ducts, micro-ducts, splice-enclosures, cables, fibres, etc.)
  • Automation of the entire process, from rough planning to the preparation of construction documents and work orders, including detailed specifications of costs for individual building projects.
  • Creation of all end-to-end fibre connections and interconnections within the relevant ducts and sub-ducts. In the process, splice enclosures and cassettes and the connectivity of the cables at the junctions will be considered and automatically established within the system.
  • Engineering support by automatic dimensioning and/or selection based on user-defined criteria and dependencies. The user only needs to select the route and the required customer and/or building connections on the GIS user interface. The entire FTTx infrastructure of the selected region is subsequently created automatically in the system.



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