Supporting key business tasks for both domains – physical inventory management and logical resource management within one integrated product.


Physical Inventory Components

ConnectMaster™  provides the mechanism to create components from models and deploy them into the Location System and the slots of other components. The location system is a configured hierarchy of locations that is tailored to how the customer views their network. Each category of component has various telecommunications specific functionality that supports the design and operational requirements of any entity that owns network infrastructure. Some of these functions include:

  • Connectivity management
  • Relate photos and documents
  • History of changes (Who, when and what was changed)
  • Colour codes and group/tube configurations
  • Port utilisation and capacity management
  • Bill of Materials and ordering information
  • Power usage and power feed utilisation statistics
  • IP address and VLAN configurations


Main Characteristics 

Connect master supports all network technologies


ConnectMaster™ has various tools for creating physical network connections in the network. These tools offer the ability to create individual connections between objects or bulk connections between several objects such as splice trays and cables. The most basic connectivity feature is called the Connection Sheet. Users are able to add multiple components to the Connection Sheet and select one or more of the connectable points and create connectivity between them. This is done using the left and right mouse clicks and selecting the connect button.


Physical Path

The physical path describes each component and connection that makes up the path with additional information such as attenuation/resistance, loss per wavelength, length, running lengths, optical lengths and connector types. Data associated with the path can be used to calculate the optical power loss and graphed at various wavelengths.




Automated Routing Engine

The Auto-routing Wizard has a variety of criteria options for identifying the path you are looking for. Some examples of these include:

  • Find the shortest
  • Find the path with the lowest
  • Find a path that uses single mode
  • Find a path that routes via a specific cable or
  • Find a path that does NOT route via a specific cable or
  • Find a path that that only uses cables owned by my
  • Find a path that is diverse from a specific existing
  • Don’t use cables that are over 80% utilized


Work Order

When a routing selection has been made, ConnectMaster’s™ change management work order system allows the user to create a work instruction for a technician to change the connectivity in the field. The work order is saved creating a reservation on the selected fibres/wires without changing the connectivity of the network until the work order is actually completed and executed. This allows operations staff to understand the current state of the network as well as how it is going to be in the future.


OTDR Identify quickly the exact location of a fibre break

ConnectMaster™ is a standard software solution for the management, planning, engineering, design, documentation and maintenance of infrastructure communications networks. ConnectMaster™ As part of the main or Key Features we have the “OTDR”, which in according with the distance information of the OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) measurement in the path detail, an OTDR marking is set on the line object on the marking level. This Key feature part of Connect Master, quickly identifies the location of a fibre break by entering OTDR measurements.



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