Location Intelligence in Telecommunication

Anticipate customer needs and grow revenue while enhancing networks.


Geographical data is critical for network planning and management in the telecommunications sector. GIS-related insight helps providers understand usage, improve service coverage/uptime, plan next-generation enhancements and select store locations.

Also read about ConnectMaster which is an off the shelf, scalable and open software solution for the comprehensive design and management of telecom networks and inventory using the geospatial location intelligence of Pitney Bowes MapInfo. ConnectMaster supports key business tasks for both domains – physical inventory management and logical resource management within one integrated product.

Network planning: Whether designing next-generation infrastructures or enhancing existing networks, telecom providers need to connect key decisions with overall business objectives. Pitney Bowes Software solutions enable more accurate market, demographic and spatial analysis for informed decisions about customers, competition and locations to support network capital planning and engineering for maximum ROI.

Learn how T-Mobile use location intelligence for network planning.


Network performance management: For premium customer service, telecommunications providers need to monitor network performance and resolve outages quickly and easily. Seeing where assets are located, how they’re running and how to leverage infrastructure data helps optimise stability and uptime. Pitney Bowes Software solutions make it faster to identify and address outages. Near real-time monitoring with interactive maps displays the grade of service for each network. This means fast resolution times and timely customer communications.

Service coverage area and store location insight: A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying holds true for understanding telecommunications service coverage areas and store locations. Pitney Bowes Software solutions provide a visual display of telecommunication service areas, signal strength, store locations, local rates that apply and/or features that are available in particular areas. Location intelligence integrates with network data to provide highly visual and accurate coverage information. Customers and service reps can go online during service activation — or any time — for visual coverage maps that indicate the quality of service at locations. Or they can find the nearest store. Statistical data can be mined to for future planning.

Customer location intelligence: Precise customer, network and location information makes it easier to engage customers at the right time with the best next offers and service, while learning how to locate similar prospects. Pitney Bowes Software solutions harness and consolidate customer, network, location and market data for building accurate customer profiles to support analysis, modelling and segmentation. Mapping and overlaying multiple data sets related to regions can also help identify the best future store locations.


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