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Supporting key business tasks for both domains – physical inventory management and logical resource management within one integrated product.


Location Intelligence for Telecommunications


Telco providers can use location intelligence technology (such as MapInfo Professional) to pinpoint the exact times and locations of peak usage, and optimize their pricing strategies or offer targeted promotions for better service and higher customer satisfaction. The combination of location data with business intelligence allows enterprises to foresee trends visually and take proactive, data-driven measures that can have significant impact on their success.

In an extremely dynamic industry today, where convergence, consolidation and competition meet service providers, decisions must be made not by chance, feel or competitive pressure, but based on substantive answers to a key set of where questions:

  • Where are our network assets?
  • Where are our current customers?
  • Where are our potential consumer and commercial customers— and how do we reach them?
  • Where do our competitors do business?
  • Where are shared network boundaries, operating centers and regulatory boundaries?


Location intelligence solutions combines’ software, data and services to help organizations measure, compare, visualize, analyze and model data in unique and powerful new ways. By adding location as a critical dimension in the decision-making process, communications providers can identify relationships between and among network infrastructure, existing customers, regulatory boundaries and potential customer demographics in both business and consumer areas. In the end, communications providers must rely on location analysis to help plan, predict and make decisions with greater accuracy.


Network Planning

ConnectMaster FTTx Rapid Network Planner 




ConnectMaster is an off the shelf, scalable and open software solution for the comprehensive design and management of telecom networks and inventory using the geospatial location intelligence of Pitney Bowes MapInfo. ConnectMaster supports key business tasks for both domains – physical inventory management and logical resource management within one integrated product.

ConnectMaster is a comprehensive resource management platform that stores and manages all of the physical and logical resources that a Communications Service Provider (CSP) and Infrastructure Service Provider (ISP) needs to manage its network and services. ConnectMaster is designed to enable intelligent automation of network design and assign processes as well as service provisioning and includes integrated network discovery and service activation capabilities. It supports all communication technologies such as analog, SDH, SONET, PDH, WDM, Ethernet Services / IP and serves the needs of a vast variety of CSPs and ISP’s for example Fibre Network Providers such as BT Globalservices, Versatel and Globalconnect; broadband carriers such as Nextgen Networks and e-net; infrastructure service providers such as ASFINAG and swissrail RHB. With about 100 customers worldwide ConnectMaster is a leader in this area.

ConnectMaster gives you everything you need to geospatially manage your fibre, copper, or boradband network, from planning to on-going management.

It provides you with:

Intelligent GIS-Based Data Modelling: whose individual map features have built-in relationship and behaviour intelligence - matching real-world conditions. You can overlay and query complex network data on a land base, access property records, display street and other infrastructure information, and view aerial photography of any service area.

Network Documentation: for better data flow through and improved operational efficiency. Critical network data is documented and geographically linked, giving you an accurate map of the physical network (including both inside and outside plant facilities). This data is immediately available to procurement, provisioning, service assurance, fault management, and workforce management systems.

Network Planning and Management: which utilizes accurate, views of network resources, allowing you to fully comprehend your physical network. Through attribute, spatial, or thematic queries, network planners can visualize existing capacity and available bandwidth, better manage network growth, analyze demographics, and locate customers and/or equipment. With both upstream and downstream network traces, network planners can identify the total network length, attenuation loss, fault location, as well as all the connected facilities along the path of a network. It all adds up to more comprehensive, timely, and accurate network information and analysis, which in turn allows you to better manage your network and improve customer service.

Network Design: which supports network engineering capacity expansion projects for both inside and outside plant equipment. Powerful network design features include a standardized telecommunications data model, intelligent design and placement features, model building tools for the creation of network models, map production, and work order processing capabilities.



ConnectMaster represents a powerful extension of the location intelligence platform MapInfo, providing tools to create, store and manage an end-to-end model of all network elements. Within a graphical environment, ConnectMaster displays the model against detailed, land-based features and customer information.

ConnectMaster is optimized from a data and functional perspective to support key business tasks within its specified domain – physical inventory management and engineering planning and design support and logical/service resource management, capacity and service design and assignment.

ConnectMaster increases productivity by automating processes. It allows you to configure the transitions, status, and overall workflow within the work order system, according to the needs of your engineers. All data modifications are managed through the process, which allows multiple views of the network and generate appropriate work-orders.

ConnectMaster provides Full Circuit Documentation, including design and definition, supporting an end-to-end communications network at both the logical level and the physical level. ConnectMaster lets you define the circuit path either from a customer to a switch or between multiplexer ports, and locate all physical inventory along the logical route. This complete circuit can be represented as combined “physical/logical” routing table. The documentation enables geospatial and physical inventory data to be associated with the most logical entities for integration with provisioning systems.




Combined “physical/logical” Routing table


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