Taking time to pick up a banknote

We've all heard the old legend about Bill Gates and whether he'd have time to stop and pick up a $100 bill (which he's answered in a 2014 AMA). Well, it's remarkable how often we seem to pass such simple opportunities by, because we're either not close enough to see the value of the coin or note on the ground, or because we "can't afford to take the time to stop". Well, today I'd like to raise this issue when it comes to business. See, often we think we're on a long travelator, the business heading straight forward and us adding as much momentum as possible. Well, that's the idea anyway. But all too often we're not aware of the parallel travelators which are running faster. What we need is to look up and change lanes. Or to change the metaphor, perhaps we're actually on a merry-go-round, so big it feels straight. And what we need is a way to break out of the cycle.

Location Intelligence (LI) offers the advantage to quickly, easily improve your business intelligence. It lies there like a $100 bill, waiting to be picked up.

Right now, we're at the end of the year, and perhaps you're running faster than usual, but you can see the "banknote" of LI waiting for you. It's improved revenue, it's better efficiencies, it's bigger cashflow. Maybe your hands are full, but have you marked this spot, you can pick up the cash in January?

Very fortunately, Location Intelligence isn't exactly like a $100 bill on the pavement, because it isn't going away.

In South Africa, we're seeing eager uptake of the latest technology in the financial sector, through the Spectrum platform, where we are spatially enabling BI systems such as MicroStrategy, Qlikview, and even Microsoft Excel. From desktop to mobile, we're putting the location into business intelligence.

So I ask you - would you take time to pick up an opportunity, one that advances your finances? Bill would.

Spectrum is a data management and spatial platform, equipping businesses around the world, from the biggest social networks, to banks, insurers, postal services, and retailers.

Our company is the African distributor for Spectrum and MapInfo products - contact Joe Spring for more information!

(This article is written and copyrighted by Joe Spring: Spatial Analytics & Location Intelligence Consultant at the ST Group)

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