Income Data   SA Crime Profiles Dataset

In a society as inequal as South Africa’s, it would be of complete ignorance for any business or administrative service to ignore the impacts that crime can have on their existing network and processes. AfricaScope has compiled a South African crime dataset that is able to effectively highlight the existing and potential types of crime that might someday play an unwanted role in your business procedures. Whether it’s the ability to prevent such crimes from occurring in the first place or an act of preventing existing issues surrounding crime, every business needs to be fully aware of how they can protect their valuable employees and business assets.

SA Crime Profile

Built at an individual police station boundary level and from a collection of data spanning from 1994 to 2019, AfricaScope’s crime dataset provides insight into the share of 29 different categories of crime, their subsequent trends over time and the potential risk planning measures that need to be put in place to further prevent them. The 29 categories are based upon aspects of property, social fabric and violence. Key indicators include actual figures of incident per crime category, ratios per 100 000 people and a national average comparison all seen within the spatial boundaries of South Africa’s 1 138 police stations.

The Crime Profiles dataset contains figures on crimes such as:

  • Household and Business Burglaries
  • Vehicle Hijackings
  • Arson
  • Aggravated Assault
  • ATM Robberies
  • Murder
  • DUI’s
  • Drug Possession

The result is a strategic approach to the impact that crime can have on your business processes and assets, risk planning and optimized business locations.

  • Protect the travelling salesman by optimizing their route through areas that pose the least risk of hi-jackings and muggings – something that can be achieved by integrating the crime data within ST Group’s SiteMarker routing capabilities.
  • Ensure that your newly planned outlet is located in the safest area possible.
  • Assist government and security companies in developing effective crime-prevention strategies such as increased police presence and community safety structures.

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