Income Data  Income Data for South Africa


Viewed as one of the most powerful indicators for defining target markets within the private sector, individual and household income statistics have proven to be a key factor in defining and understanding the socio-economic characteristics of a community. Underlined by the General Household Survey and 2011 Census, AfricaScope has overseen the annual update of 103 576 enumerations areas in order to provide the most accurate income figures available for South Africa.

Gain incredibly valuable insights into spending power and income distribution to further enhance your understanding of an area’s retail expenditure and investments profile. The data allows for views of income segments to be built upwards from the most granular of angles to a wider reaching municipal collection.

Income Data

The dataset is provided as a number or percentage of household and individual income groups that allows the users of the data to easily visualize and act upon the depths of poverty and income levels across South Africa. From urban areas to informal townships, rural areas and farm lands - this is a vital aspect to take into account when trying to define the often-blurry line between South Africa’s mass markets and better-placed, affluent customers.

The income dataset for South Africa contains the following indicators per enumeration area:

  • Total Population
  • Number of people within 14 Individual Monthly Income Segments
  • A Percentage value of each Income Segment
  • Temporal views of increasing and decreasing income figures when overlayed with older editions of the data

Which of those categories is your product or service trying to reach? Are your competitors already doing so? Is the market size that’s available going to sufficiently support your plans of expansion and market entry? Are your marketing and media strategies built around a proper understanding of income profiles and other lifestyle factors?

Ensure your business’ financial viability beforehand by making use of the South African Income dataset.

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