Income Data  Demographic Estimates Dataset 


The private sector will forever be in need of demographic data that is quickly and accurately able to identify the various sizes and characteristics of a population. It goes a long way to ensuring that a company’s products and services are being offered to the right target market – especially in a region such as Africa, that showcases such a vast array of community profiles across the continent and within each of its nations. Knowing that you are channeling your products and services to the right people, in a meaningful manner, empowers and drives home the need for an optimum location.

Updated annually and in accordance with the 2011 national surveys, the data is constructed in an effort to assist both the public and private sectors in processes ranging from demand forecasting, service provision, market research and so much more. The EA, ward and village boundaries, in accordance to each nations’ administrative structure, were extracted by taking scanned images and vectorizing them in a GIS, with all boundaries then checked and cleaned to ensure optimum accuracy.

Where is the prominent age group that captures your target market situated? What population figures are needed to ensure the financial viability of your products and services? Can you easily envisage actual customer density by viewing internal business data against actual household figures per enumeration area?


Available for most nations across Africa, AfricaScope has implemented the latest satellite imagery and statistical techniques in order to measure population figures at the smallest possible area boundary. The boundaries are then cleaned and checked for positional accuracy and integrated alongside attributes provided by each nations’ official statistical office. The demographic estimates data is made up of the following indicators at the most detailed administrative level possible (commonly EA or ward level):

  • Total Population
  • Household Sizes
  • Total Number of Households
  • Male and Female Gender Figures
  • Racial Segmentation
  • Age group Segmentation


Gain the most detailed view possible into the age and population profiles for any given country across Africa. Take confidence in the figures provided, knowing that they are captured and updated on an annual basis.

  • Design useful samples for market inspection
  • Rapidly weight surveys to the current target population
  • Make use of the most in-depth statistical analysis tool that is available for planning, product development and service provisions in African countries.

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