Identifying and stratifying new business


Because location is critical to most businesses, Spatial Technologies provides many of the best-known and fastest growing businesses with the essential products, services and expertise needed to make successful, marketing, merchandising and operational decisions. The combination of MapInfo software products and locally produced data leverages Location Intelligence to help executives answer critical questions. Using customer address information with demographic, consumer lifestyle, business and retail data, together with MapInfo’s world-renowned mapping technology, provides valuable insight into customers and operations.

BizIndicator is a dataset that helps organizations answer these questions. The geographical coverage is for the whole of South Africa with names and contact details, address data, geo-coordinates, website and email contacts, headcount and industry information.

The BizIndicator is a joint initiative compiled by MAPIT, AC Braby and Spatial Technologies, and provides counts of businesses by suburb or place-name. The BizIndicator, which is geo-coded to street address, comprises over 190 000 companies that are grouped into more than 400 service classifications.

The BizIndicator is maintained on daily basis using local operators in Southern Africa and continues to grow as new companies are identified. A team of researchers ensures the data is accurate, reliable and up to date. Clients receive updates annually and as companies move from one area to another, the changing patterns of target industries can be determined by comparing consecutive releases of BizIndicator.

The geocoding of Service Providers allows easy identification of a target market and pinpoints the exact location of the clients in that market. BizIndicator has the following characteristics:-

  • 190 000 companies
  • Over 100,000 contact e-mail addresses
  • Slice and dice the database to meet your unique target market
  • More than 67,000 websites
  • Search According to Industry Sector
  • Includes business hours
  • Sort according to headcount


BizIndicator is available as a geo-coded set of actual locations of each service provider with an address and contact name, email contacts, website, industry information, headcount and geo-coordinates.



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