Identifying and Stratifying New Business Trends

BizIndicator Business Points Dataset

Over 85% of corporate business data contains a geographic component, highlighting just how critical location analytics is to almost all businesses. The ability to easily identify business locations and brands has fast become an essential step towards building symbiotic relationships with surrounding entities and more importantly, placing oneself a step ahead of any nearby competitors. The BizIndicator dataset, in conjunction with internal business data, can easily provide the needed focus into business and network expansion. One such common example is the analysis of potential new customers within a company’s existing footprint – allowing you to fish where the fish are! Telecommunication companies across the country are constantly looking for new, innovative ways in which they can secure new business within their ready-to-deploy areas of network and fibre coverage. Bizindicator can quickly and easily provide insight into the potential customers that already exist within a connected building or area of high profit potential. Whether its competitive or symbiotic, every company needs to know where their goods and services are best suited.

Potential Customer Analysis

BizIndicator is a dataset that helps organizations overcome these exact challenges. Where are the competitors? Where has there been an increase in companies of a certain business category? Where does your company expand to next? Gain insight into more than 190 000 officially registered businesses across the whole of South Africa with names and contact details, address data, website and email information, staff headcounts and industry categorisation.

Restaurant Density Analysis

The BizIndicator dataset is a joint initiative compiled by MAPIT, A.C. Braby and Spatial Technologies, providing an accurate and constantly updated view of businesses per suburb, brand or industry. The business points are accurately geocoded to a street address level and categorised according to a range of over 400 different service classifications such as “Maintenance & Repair of Motor Vehicles”, “Telecommunication”, “Retail Trade” and many more.

The BizIndicator dataset is maintained on a daily basis by a team of local operators within Southern Africa and continues to grow as new companies are identified and verified. A team of researchers ensure the data is accurate, reliable and as up-to-date as possible. Clients subscribed to the dataset receive bi-annual updates, ensuring that users are always able to visualize and further predict the changing patterns of target industries in order to make sure their businesses are well-placed to react to such ever-changing trends.

Summary At Glance

The geocoding of service providers allows easy identification of a target market and pinpoints the exact location of the clients in that market. BizIndicator has the following characteristics:

  • 190 000 companies
  • Over 100,000 contact e-mail addresses
  • Slice and dice the database to meet your unique target market
  • More than 67,000 websites
  • Search according to Industry Sector
  • Includes business hours and staff headcounts

BizIndicator is available as a geo-coded set of actual locations of each service provider with an address and contact name, email contacts, website, industry information, headcount and geo-coordinates.



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