Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Gain access to location-based data and analysis via your own infrastructure, sharing geo-based enterprise data with coworkers, citizens, customers and partners.

Web based mapping on desktop or mobile! We’re all exposed to basic maps early on, whether it’s putting together a puzzle of our city or tracing the trip to a far-off relative’s house. The problem with these maps is how limited they are – the information they contain can’t be shared, nor do they provide much more than basic spatial information. But today’s digital maps offer a deeper level of insight because they can be overlaid with an almost limitless amount of additional information.


Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an interactive, cross-platform, easy-to-learn browser-based application that provides users with 24/7 access to mapping applications and a wide variety of data, allowing them to perform location-based analyses, as well as interact with and share spatial information, within and outside of the organization where permissible. For organizations, this means customized self-service and faster, easier user access to information and services, which should make analysis and planning even more effective.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst includes three key components that enhance the user experience:

  • Administration Console: Allows administrators to manage which maps, data, functions and permissions from Spectrum Spatial are accessible to users of Spatial Analyst.
  • Map Uploader: Allows administrators to publish content into Spectrum Spatial needed to view the data, while retaining any thematic layers, styles or settings that were applied in MapInfo Professional.
  • “Install” and Play: Spatial Analyst is an installable application that is ready to be used immediately. It is as simple as running an installer, adding your content and Spatial Analyst is ready to be used. While other solutions can take weeks or months to be useful, Spatial Analyst can take minutes.


  • Enable customized self-service by providing maps and schedules, specific locators and more
  • Reduce call-center traffic and add customer convenience
  • Empower business analysts with fast, easy access to maps and spatial analysis for more effective analysis and planning
  • Minimal training overhead
  • Fast time to value


Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an efficient way to publish information-rich spatial analysis for internal or external use, easy user access and interaction. No GIS experience is required. It enables the use and layering of disparate datasets to create interactive maps, along with the power, reliability and performance of Spectrum Spatial’s data integration, analysis and map server technology.

  • Perform extraordinarily robust analyses by tapping into data and presentation capabilities available through MapInfo Professional
  • Empower business analysts with fast, easy access to maps and spatial analysis for more effective analysis and planning
  • Utilize our flexible, scalable design to expand and customize applications as needed
  • Link to virtually unlimited information sources – business or spatial – via advanced data integration support
  • Upload data, add navigation and publish map-based analyses quickly and easily for interactive use
  • Integrate spatial content into internal or external web sites and third-party applications without lengthy and costly software engineering or development
  • Access live data sources to insure that users are always viewing the most current information



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