Note to all of our customers: as from April 2016 all MapInfo Professional training will be facilitated and delivered using MapInfo Professional 64-bit - thus making use of the ALL NEW ribbon interface! Our last 32-bit interface training course will take place during March 2016. For more information please feel free to get in touch with us!


You have bought your software solution, and now require immediate results from your staff. Our courses will enable your staff to deliver! People who attend training courses have a better understanding of the software and are able to get up and running in a much shorter time. Our training exposes people to all the functionality of the software, which gives the trainee an understanding of what is possible, over and above the obvious.


Our training also teaches people how to use the software correctly. Often self-taught people may not realise the most efficient manner to complete certain tasks. Attending our training courses also broadens perspective by exposing your staff to others who are also using the software, and they learn how the software is being used in different ways.


People learn better and retain more knowledge when they are given individual attention. Spatial Technologies has taken this into account when designing the MapInfo courses we offer. Small class sizes allow the trainer to focus on each trainee, providing the student with individual attention. All learning is based on tutorials where students are expected to complete exercises, working hands-on with the software and the data. This ensures that the training is more effective than in a large classroom.


Spatial Technologies delivers a course every month. These courses make use of the latest version of MapInfo Professional ensuring that trainees are entirely up-to-date. Customised courses are designed around the specific needs of those clients who have requirements outside of our regular training. Please contact your account manager if this should be the case.


Course dates for the year are shown below, along with a brief overview of the course content. Should you wish to attend a course, please complete the attached registration form and fax to 011 – 314 0787, attention Ana-Marie Ferreira, alternatively email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



MapInfo Professional 5 Day Training Course Dates for 2018


22 to 26


19 to 23


No Training


16 to 20


21 to 25


25 to 29


23 to 27


27 to 31


17 to 21


22 to 26


26 to 30
























Course Section

Course Content

An Introduction to MapInfo

Spatial Concepts and Terminology

The MapInfo Interface

Opening Tables and Displaying MapInfo Data; Navigation; Understanding (Coordinate Units, Distance Units, Area Units, Projections)

Mapping in Layers

Aesthetics, Styles and Application Navigation

Introduction to Browser Windows

Opening Data Files and Working with Tabular Data


Selecting records and objects using the Map Window

Getting your Data onto the Map

Creating Points and Geocoding

Getting Added Value from Your Data

Thematic Maps, 3D Mapping and Prism Mapping

Working with Tables

Creating new tables, modifying tables, understanding field types

Data Capture and Digitising

Creating Spatial Data (Digitising); Editing, Manipulating and Managing Spatial Data and Objects

Querying and Filtering your Data

(SQL Query)

Introduction to SQL and Spatial SQL Querying; Joins; Understanding Arithmetic Functions and Filters.

Territory Management

Using the Redistrict Window; Sales Territory Management; Data Aggregation Techniques

Other File Types

Importing Raster Images; Excel Files; Text Files etc.


Relational databases (MS Access); Mapping Database Tables; Connecting to SQL Servers; connecting to Oracle Servers; Uploading TAB files / Mapping Data into Spatially Enabled Databases


Discussion of Various Tools (including Distance Calculator, Bing Maps, Google Earth Utility etc)

Producing Hard Copy Maps

Layout Windows; Creating Cartographic Legends; Adding Frames, North Arrows, Scale Bars, Printing and Text

Behind the Scenes

Overview of the user settings and various calibration options.

And Much More!!




MS Windows; MS Office. Understanding of business requirements beneficial. Knowledge of databases advantageous but not a requirement.

Who should attend?

First time users and Managers

Price (Excluding VAT)



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