Hydronet Maestro

Water and wastewater infrastructure resource management

HydronetMaestro is an easy-to-use software environment that makes the management of water and wastewater infrastructure more effective.

HydronetMaestro is GIS-based, so subscriber Information, network status, and network inventory are all digitally integrated for easier monitoring. The real world location of each subscriber is known and recorded in the customer information system. This knowledge effectively guides procedures such as network maintenance and meter installation (or removal) and defines exactly which subscribers are affected. Also, water consumption and projected need can be calculated and reported by location.

System Architecture:

HydronetMaestro works on a live database and accessed in a multiuser manner. By integrating other information systems, HydronetMaestro can display and analyze live up-to-date data on a precise geography. The database holds all the subscriber addresses, and the creation and updating of addresses is handled in the GIS desktop address application. The GIS web application allows queries on subscriber addresses and other network data, and produces analyses and reports.

Subscriber Integration:

Subscriber Geocoding is undertaken in 3 steps:

  1. Subscriber address quality standardization: National address database information is indexed as a standard, and subscriber addresses are converted to a single standard format with corrections made for old street names, neighborhoods, regions, etc.
  2. Location of these standardized subscriber addresses on the map using a geocoding engine, Standardized subscriber addresses are matched with base map data (street centre-line, neighborhood, building, building entrance) and coordinates are defined for each subscriber.
  3. Confirmation of these mapped subscriber addresses. The mapped subscriber addresses are compared to the national address database. The number of residences in each apartment building e.g. is compared to the number of subscribers recorded for that building and any mismatches are noted.

Network Integration:

Network digitization is done in 3 phases:

  1. Firstly it is established how much of the network data is on paper maps vs. in digital form. Then the determination of the location of the data, in what hierarchy they should be digitized, and which map layers are necessary follows.
  2. Paper maps are scanned and digitized.
  3. Network data are mapped onto GIS co-ordinates.

Geographic Base Map:

HydronetMaestro is founded on a geographic base map made up of map layers from a geographic data set. All locationa analyses can be performed and regional analyses can be made at the neighborhood, county or provincial level from the multiple criteria.It must be remembered that a GIS system's most basic requirement is an accurate geographic dataset. On this foundation it is possible to make the most sensitive and accurate analyses of customer and network data, with the use of supporting applications and interfaces.

HydronetMaestro’s Desktop Application:

HydronetMaestro users can perform all necessary drawing, analysis and reporting procedures on the HydronetMaestro desktop application that has been developed on a Maplnfo foundation, using Microsoft ASP.NFr.

HydronetMaestro’s GIS Web Interface:

The Web GIS Interface requires no installation on the client computers that will be used. The Web Interface provides for more effective use of the system by providing a standardized central database and integration of subscriber information. HydronetMaestro Web can be used via internet or intranet.


HydronetMaestro, as a GIS-based integrator, works on a live database and enables the use of the most up-to-date data. HydronetMaestro provides the geographic data necessary for the systems being integrated (subscribers, network components), thus preventing mismatches between the systems. HydronetMaestro takes these integrated data, analyzes them, and generates detailed reports. HydronetMaestro is the answer, both for daily operations and for strategic growth .

About Hydronet Maestro: the product is developed and maintained by one our partners, Başarsoft. Başarsoft was founded in 1997, is a partner of Pitney Bowes and currently has more than 400 staff in Istanbul and Ankara serving 1500 clients in Europe and the Middle East. In 1998, Başarsoft developed a GIS platform, which was then the biggest Turkish GIS project and supported water services to 5m people. Since 2011, Başarsoft has been creating utility-specific network solutions.


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