Electrical distribution infrastructure resource management

PowernetMaestro is an an easy-to-use information system for electricity distribution that defines topology of feeder lines, transmission lines (low and medium voltage) and transformers so that areas fed by these can be displayed on a map, analyzed, and presented in electricity consumption reports, customer lists, feeder-connected transformer reports, thematic maps of consumption and more. Based on Maplnfo, from Pitney Bowes, PowernetMaestro ensures high quality of data. The reliability of the data entry is supported by rule-based systems and correcting procedures before approval.

All user activity in the system is logged. Electrical connections are automatically created and displayed the moment they become operational.


The web deployment was developed using a MapInfo MapXtreme SDK and the data modeler from TMS Software. It was designed for remote users to access a central database. No program installation or browser add-ons are required and users can access the application simply by entering their username and password from any computer connected to the internet. Each user can customize and save their own work folder, and changes affect only that user. The next time the user enters the system, the previous changes will remain. Pre-defined electrical objects can be added, deleted and updated, according to the user's authorization level.

Field-Force Management:

The system was designed for field crews using tablet computers. The mobile users can connect to an external GPS via Bluetooth or WiFi and can get coordinates either from an internal or an external GPS for new inventory items and save the location in the system. Mobile users can work offline and, when the next log in to the system, any changes that have been made while offline can be transferred and logged in the system. Managers can determine which types of procedure each user can perform.

Management of Service Interruptions:

PowernetMaestro can record service interruptions and produce the necessary related reports via the GIS. It can also display previous service interruptions and these can be edited and updated. Information is kept on the network's status at the exact time of any service interruption and analysis and reporting of the units affected by the service interruption is possible. Reports on energy continuity and quality are also available.

Changes in the network information do not require manual updates of the SCADA system. PowernetMaestro automatically sends current network data to the SCADA system. This means that data reliability is maintained at the highest level via double-checking before transfer to SCADA. PowernetMaestro produces live maps according to the position of keys in SCADA Call Center. It displays maps related to subscriber and the network data. It shows the caller's location on the map and energy region or sub-station functions are shared directly with the call center.

Customer Information System:

PowernetMaestro gets subscriber data from the customer information system and removes the need to keep the same data in multiple systems. Subscriber data are updated for changes in status, occasion and network and can be displayed live and continuously. Subscriber addresses are located on the GIS, thus creating a geographically accurate address database. Data on cumulative subscriber consumption in a given period can be measured by transformer, and these data can be compared with meters in the transformers to detect loss or theft.

Maintenance Management System:

PowernetMaestro defines the maintenance to be performed geographically and then specifies to the maintenance management system which network components must undergo maintenance. It maintains the real-time status of regions undergoing maintenance and can generate thematic maps of the current maintenance status via PowernetMaestro - Web. It can share this maintenance information and maps with other organizations (local government, other utility providers) via a web mapping service or web feature service.

About PowernetMaestro: the product is developed and maintained by one our partners, Başarsoft. Başarsoft was founded in 1997, is a partner of Pitney Bowes and currently has more than 400 staff in Istanbul and Ankara serving 1500 clients in Europe and the Middle East. In 1998, Başarsoft developed a GIS platform, which was then the biggest Turkish GIS project and supported water services to 5m people. Since 2011, Başarsoft has been creating utility-specific network solutions.


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