Quality Spatial Platform

Africa’s premium vector dataset

QSP for African Countries

Quality Spatial Platform (QSP) is the premier vector mapping dataset for all countries in Africa, and is sold on a country by country basis. It is an extremely comprehensive and interactive geographic map base encompassing an atlas and detailed data for both metropolitan and rural areas, which is updated bi-annually.

This forerunning spatial dataset boasts all-inclusive street centrelines, suburbs, cities, towns, administrative boundaries, points of interest, and a complete Atlas. QSP is built using the same dataset as utilised by international GPS vehicle navigation systems.

Detailed Points of Interest

The Points of Interest (POI) dataset is a definitive source for commercial, landmark and recreational destinations and hubs in Africa.

The POI dataset has been crafted to be a complete, current and positionally accurate data file in Africa. The Points of Interest is a dataset of geographic and commercial features across countries in Africa – as used by TomTom - all highlighting location and function information.

Categories include anything from filling stations, to ATMS, taxi ranks, bus stations, schools, restaurants, hospital and clinics, business parks, retailers and more!

Identifying new site locations, counting competitor locations within specific radius of your business location(s), seeking and identifying customer touch points and marketing sites has never been easier!

Furthermore, where available, contact information is also provided!

Atlas Data

Diverse Spatial Platform (DSP) Atlas is an extensive topographic atlas for South Africa, comprised of features ranging from telco-towers, to inland water features, to mines and more!

The scale utilised is 1: 500 000, and the information source is the Department of Surveys and Mapping. The dataset includes, but is not limited to, the following: Airfields; Battlefields; Built-up Areas; Dam Walls; Inland Water; Lighthouses; Towns and Woodlands. This data provides an excellent and aesthetically pleasing mapping backdrop for a variety of spatial applications.



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