Spectrum Spatial Platform

Gain access to location-based data and analysis via your own infrastructure, sharing geo-based enterprise data with coworkers, citizens, customers and partners

Product Overview

Spectrum Spatial is an enterprise location platform designed to provide organizations with a suite of broadly applicable location capabilities that solve a wide variety of business problems. Spectrum Spatial provides organizations with a way to centrally manage location capabilities and apply those capabilities across departments and applications. Using standards-based Web Services technology, Spectrum Spatial is able to deliver precise and reusable functionality in a scalable, high-performance package. Spectrum Spatial does this by:

  • Providing a well-defined set of location functionality proven to solve real business problems for thousands of organizations .
  • Using open standards to ensure seamless integration within existing IT and amongst numerous applications.
  • Enabling the delivery of location capabilities to any client, anytime, anywhere, using standards-based Web Services.
  • Drawing upon 30 years of software development, customization and solution delivery expertise in many industries and markets Spectrum Spatial acts as the “glue” to pull together all of the required capabilities for delivering a broad array of location-based applications consistently.

Spectrum Spatial exploits the benefits of centralized processing, open interfaces, and extremely scale-able stateless services. Spectrum Spatial benefits from a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). In some respects SOA is a computing tier in and of itself, and at its heart, promises to connect disparate systems, software, data, and functions. For these reasons, you will often find products such as Spectrum Spatial referred to as a platform.

In Spectrum Spatial, users have the ability to develop applications against one of three APIs: 1. WS-I compliant SOAP interface; 2. REST interface; and 3. Series of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) interfaces including WMS, WFS and CSW. In the latest release of Spectrum Spatial, is also the Enterprise Designer which allows users to drag-and-drop methods onto a workflow designer. This new capability is new to the MapInfo suite and enables product paradigm shift for users and analysts that wish to formulate bespoke uses of Location Intelligence throughout an organization. Spectrum Spatial also provides a set of Rich Internet Application (RIA) mapping controls for quick and easy map embedding into applications and web pages. These RIA controls are built on top of JavaScript, but the product can be deployed through other frameworks such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.


  • Enable customized self-service by providing maps and schedules, specific locators and more.
  • Reduce call-center traffic and add customer convenience.
  • Empower business analysts with fast, easy access to maps and spatial analysis for more effective analysis and planning.
  • Minimal training overhead.
  • Fast time to value.


Spectrum Spatial provides users the opportunity to access a vast selection of spatial data from within their organisation or import other spatial data from trusted suppliers through common formats. They can then be visualised or analysed with Spectrum Spatial. Depending on the data you utilize, you can find for example, if a specific property is in a flood zone, near a mud slide zone, near a school zone, within a given service area or where the closest airport is located, all without the need to view a map, although that still remains an option. You also have the flexibility to process a single location in real time as a web service or run millions of locations behind your firewall in a batch format.


Pitney Bowes Spectrum Platform allows organisations to manage their data from ensuring it meets data quality standards to deduplication through geocoding to visualisation within a GIS or BI environment. You can take advantage of the location intelligence capabilities that are now integrated within this single ecosystem to manage data, conduct analysis, and derive insight in a simple and cost effective way. Rely on Spectrum Spatial for a true view and full use of your data. Spectrum Spatial provides the functions and sophisticated analytics to help you optimize business operations – including marketing, sales, service, logistics and network optimization – across the enterprise.


Spatial Analyst is an efficient way to publish information-rich spatial analysis for internal or external use, easy user access and interaction. No GIS experience is required. It enables the use and layering of disparate datasets to create interactive maps, along with the power, reliability and performance of Spectrum Spatial’s data integration, analysis and map server technology..

  • Perform extraordinarily robust analyses by tapping into data and presentation capabilities available through MapInfo Professional.
  • Utilize our flexible, scalable design to expand and customize applications as needed.
  • Link to virtually unlimited information sources – business or spatial – via advanced data integration support.
  • Upload data, add navigation and publish map-based analyses quickly and easily for interactive use.
  • Integrate spatial content into internal or external web sites and third-party applications without lengthy and costly software engineering or development.
  • Access live data sources to insure that users are always viewing the most current information.



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