Spectrum Spatial for BI

Gain new and better insight from spatial data within your Business Intelligence System.

Product Overview

Today’s high-performing business and government organizations are driven by data-powered insight and performance management information. Business Intelligence (BI) systems enable these organizations to better understand their data and make more informed decisions.

Some 80% of all data contains a spatial component. Consider the inherently spatial aspects of customers, competitors, stores, assets, networks, facilities and service centers. Spatial patterns and trends represent a significant opportunity for businesses seeking to explore the spatial dimension of their business.

Spectrum Spatial for BI extends the capabilities of widely-used BI systems to provide comprehensive mapping data visualization and spatial analytics within the BI environment. Organizations can gain new insight from the spatial aspect of their data. Spectrum Spatial for BI is a commercial off-the-shelf solution that enables immediate business benefits to be derived from existing technology.

Fully-integrated Location & BI Functions

Spectrum Spatial for BI was developed in response to strong demand from business analysts for better decision-making tools with fully integrated location and BI functions. It can be used with a range of BI tools including Actuate, BIRT , SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Oracle (OBIEE and Hyperion). In addition to QlikView, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Reporting Services and Excel, for linkage to Spectrum Spatial, our server mapping technology.

If you want your business analysts to gain location analysis capabilities and already have the Pitney Bowes server platform deployed, our software tools can meet your needs to make this happen.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive support for mapping and spatial analysis within reporting, analytics and dash-boarding without the need for system integration.
  • Support for mapping visualization and spatial analytics.
  • Generate dynamic map layers from “facts and dimensions” in the report.
  • Geographically drill up or down into your data.
  • Publish map sessions for users with no access to BI.
  • Support drive and/or travel time analytics.
  • Built-in global geocoding to spatially enable data within BI systems.
  • Compatible with Pitney Bowes data suites including, but not limited to, telecommunications, demographics, geo-demographics boundaries and risk data.
  • Spatially enables multiple BI systems from a single enterprise spatial server.
  • Customizable user interface.


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