Take your reports to a new level!

SiteMarker offers powerful reporting capabilities with an easy-to-use interface that produces reports automatically in both mappable and tabular format. Use SiteMarker to create Drive Time, Drive Distance or create ring buffer footprints quickly and easily. Then simply choose the layers you want to report on. The reporting functions that are automatically calculated for you include sum, average, minimum, and maximum values where the layers overlap proportionally.

You can perform trade area or catchment analysis using layers that contain information about (for example) demographics, customers or competitors so that you can answer questions such as:-

  • Which locations are best suited for your requirements?
  • Could a new location divert business from your competitors, or your divert business from your existing locations?
  • Are there potential markets that you can expand in to – and where are they?
  • Which locations offer the best visibility for a brand?
  • What is the total consumer spend on food and groceries within a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes DriveTime around a location?


Enhance your business with demographic reporting & presentation quality mapping:-

  • Carry out demographic reporting and presentation quality mapping and access critical business or demographic information.
  • Take advantage of the best location capabilities.
  • Make better decisions with powerful analysis capabilities.
  • Gain valuable insights into the demographic and competitive landscape.
  • Highlight information with thematic mapping and layer control.

Maximize marketing ROI with SiteMarker:-

  • Execute successful target marketing initiatives using a rifle approach.
  • Identify opportunities with demographic analysis and segmentation.
  • Define customer behaviours and attitudes with easy-to-use advanced profiling.
  • Rank catchments based on likely customer response.
  • Identify product/service mixes to cross-sell and up-sell customers.
  • Run aggregation reports for multiple areas from multiple layers at the same time.

SiteMarker is available for South Africa as well as African countries (and is sold on a country by country basis).



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