Working smarter, not harder.


Never before has automatically creating hundreds or thousands of maps been faster and easier! With MIMap2GO the demanding time spent manually creating images of detailed, repetitive and cumbersome maps is totally eradicated. This allows you to increase productivity, efficiency, capacity and availability to service and answer those all important business questions.

MIMap2GO is an add-on for MapInfo Professional that enables you to choose any polygon layer (that contains multiple polygons such as suburbs, store trade areas or newspaper footprint distribution areas) that you would like to use to create individual maps for (i.e. one output map for each polygon in an image format such as BMP or JPG) automatically, quickly and easily!

Use MapInfo Professional to create and setup a map window with any combination of layers that you choose from (such as streets, suburbs, land-use, points of interest, rivers, parks, cities, town boundaries, shopping centres, trade areas, Census information etc) to which you can add any adornments, labels, colour schemes, thematic maps, settings, and styles as you require.

Then you can setup a layout window of any size that you like (e.g. say A3 or A4 or A0 etc) and add any desired adornments to your layout window such as a border, or scale bar, or company logo, or copyright text, or legend, or north arrow and so on.


Tell MIMap2GO which layer contains the individual polygons that you want to automatically resize and fit into the layout window (such as suburb boundaries, or store trade areas or newspaper footprint distribution areas etc.) and MIMap2GOwill automatically:

  • Adjust the zoom of the map for the first polygon in your layer to fit neatly within the frame in your layout window.
  • Update the polygon name into the layout window, to give the map output a title in the associated image.
  • Update the name of the individual output image (i.e. suburbname1.BMP or suburbname1. JPG) and the individual output file workspace (i.e. suburbname1.WOR) that it creates for the polygon.
  • Automatically pans and adjusts the map window to the next area to fit neatly within the frame in your layout window.
  • Mechanically repeats and processes each polygon in your layer!

The images and workspaces are automatically named and saved into a directory that you specify, enabling you to select / print / or distribute your images as desired:



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