MapMarker South Africa

Addressing the challenges of geocoding.

Deploying MapMarkerZA, a powerful stand-alone geocoding tool, is the first step toward mapping and analyzing your business data by adding geographic coordinates to every record in your database.

MapMarkerZA matches your records (offering support for a variety of data formats) against its comprehensive Address Dictionary: a comprehensive database of South African street addresses, street geometry and suburb / towns and incorporates intelligent and automated matching routines.

MapMarkers ability to interpret and correct localised misspellings, abbreviations, phonetics (sounds like algorithm), numeric street names, street intersections, place and street name changes, English / Afrikaans names etc, makes MapMarker one of the most powerful geocoding engines available.

MapMarker is ideal for single row geocoding or large table geocoding in batch mode for fast results (and has the aptitude to geocode up to 200 records per second).

You may also elect to maximize the number of matches and to control error rate through geocoding interactively through friendly user interface (you make the final decision if there is a match).

If you and your organisation need to locate and visualise your customers for market analysis and improved business intelligence, MapMarkerZA provides you with an industry leading solution for pinpoint geo-coding. MapMarkerZA simultaneously offers address cleaning to ensure accurate, consistent address data and enables you to make the most of your data.