MapInfo Professional Raster

   The next BIG THING!

 MapInfo Professional Raster is an add-on that provides raster GIS capabilities to MapInfo Pro.

The data format is called Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR). It provides superior performance with very large grid sizes and is innovative in other ways. With MrSID and ECW for example there is no information related to the pixels. The MRR format can hold imagery but it also supports raster grid data. That means there is data underlying each grid cell. Having data behind the image is what gives a raster grid engine all of its capabilities.

Simple to use and integrate: There is an SDK that can be used to develop custom applications for MapInfo Pro users. MapInfo Pro Raster will not be able to create a grid from points by performing interpolation (or other mathematical methods for creating grids). As such, customers that require this functionality may wish to continue to use Vertical Mapper to create grids and take advantage of MapInfo Pro Raster for its capabilities. MapInfo Pro Raster can use grids created by Vertical Mapper.

  • Superior performance with visualisation and display of large grid files. With MapInfo Pro Raster, the largest grid that can be created is limited by your available storage. Display performance is not determined by the size of the file. Opening, panning, zooming, changingthe colours and other display operations are nearly instantaneous.
  • Superior performance of its analysis capabilities. Improved algorithms have improved processing time in contouring, calculating viewsheds and more!
  • Improved efficiency with background processing, including pause/resume support. Tasks can be monitored with a progress bar.
  • Grids created with Vertical Mapper can be used in MapInfo Pro Raster.
  • Support for a larger array of grid formats, including for import/export and other processing tasks.
  • Support for a larger number of classes when creating classified grids.
  • MapInfo Pro Raster works with image raster data types in addition to grid rasters.
  • Ability to combine many small grids into a single large grid. This makes the data easier to use.
  • Vertical Mapper does not run with the 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro. If you are using the 64-bit version, then you will need MapInfo Pro Raster.

Superb data creation and editing functions:





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