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1. Pitney Bowes and the Industrial Internet of Things
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... quality. Together, PB and GE deliver solutions needed to address the coming wave of sensor-based data from the Industrial Internet.  ...
2. The Business Value of “May We Use Your Location?”
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... these data can help retailers more efficiently merchandise stores based on local demand. Amassing information on consumer habits is nothing new but the data being collected today in quantity and quality, ...
3. How Location Intelligence Will Power Intelligent Cities
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... a city, promote efficiency and improve quality of life for citizens. From a bike sharing system in Barcelona that offers cheap, green public transportation to a mobile app in Boston that let drivers pay ...
4. SpectrumSpatialPlatform
(What we offer/LI Products)
... APPROACH : Pitney Bowes Spectrum Platform allows organisations to manage their data from ensuring it meets data quality standards to deduplication through geocoding to visualisation within a GIS or BI ...
5. Insurance
(What we offer/Industries)
... from Pitney Bowes Software can support in analysing risk exposure:   oL10TCVyby4   Risk assessment, address data quality, data aggregation, data enrichment, and location intelligence ...
6. telco
(What we offer/Industries)
... service reps can go online during service activation — or any time — for visual coverage maps that indicate the quality of service at locations. Or they can find the nearest store. Statistical data can ...
7. PowerNetMaestro
(What we offer/Utilities)
... consumption reports, customer lists, feeder-connected transformer reports, thematic maps of consumption and more. Based on Maplnfo, from Pitney Bowes, PowernetMaestro ensures high quality of data. The ...
8. HydroNetMaestro
(What we offer/Utilities)
... network data, and produces analyses and reports. Subscriber Integration: Subscriber Geocoding is undertaken in 3 steps: 1. Subscriber address quality standardization: National address ...
9. MapInfo Pro
(What we offer/LI Products)
...    MapInfo Professional brings major improvements to creating high quality cartographic output with improvements to the labelling, Legend Designer, Layout Window, scale bars and more. Other ...
10. ST News 0514 - user profiles
(Press Room/Press Room)
... investment. DRM believes that the key to a successful campaign depends on accurate, precise targeting, and are committed to providing the best quality service and support on offer. In order to deliver ...
11. Accelerating Innovation at the IBM Impact Global Conference
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... through our ecommerce API’s. By integrating our location intelligence services, ecommerce services, and data quality capabilities into BlueMix, we can put them into the hands of thousands of co-innovators ...
12. First East African MapInfo GIS Seminar
(Press Room/Conference)
... is slow and the general quality of service decreases. ConnectMaster is an Asset recording tool that facilitates planning and record keeping, optimizes network infrastructure utilization and improves ...
13. Enterprise Data Management and the Customer Experience
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... must find effective ways to deal with long-term issues such as ownership, disparate systems and overall data quality, while being opportunistic when it comes to improving customer relationships. Standardize ...
14. Geocoding: Improving Utility Service and Reliability
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... Quality with Geocoding” and discover how attaching geographic coordinates to location data brings the power of geographic information systems (GIS) to your decision-making processes.  ...
15. Flood Risk: How Insurers Can Keep Their Heads above Water
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... enabling insurers to predict, assess and manage risk before, during and after a natural catastrophe. Proactive flood risk assessment and underwriting requires software that combines data quality, geocoding ...
... quality of the data being used in your GIS projects. You need to know the possibilities and what to ask. The free webinar seminar comes as GIS has gone from being a specialized system to a near-mandatory ...
17. Telco Tips: Managing Customer and Location Based Data
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... major business decisions riding on accurate insights, it is essential to ensure that underlying address data is of the highest quality before assigning geocodes. Telecommunication organizations need to ...
18. Quality In, Quality Out: Recipe for Campaign Success
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
There are countless tips and sayings for what makes a recipe great, but one thing always holds true – quality ingredients will result in a quality dish. Much like a great meal, a successful ...
19. sitemarker
(What we offer/LI Products)
...  Enhance your business with demographic reporting & presentation quality mapping:- Carry out demographic reporting and presentation quality mapping and access critical business or demographic ...
20. Data and Analytics that Power Customer Acquisition and Retention
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... personalized customer experiences during each interaction — regardless of demographic. Ensuring Data Quality The foundation for all successful customer-centric initiatives is having complete and high ...
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