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1. Insurance
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... claims for further investigation. However, this is commonly a post-event investigation instead of pre-event prevention.To enable insurers to improve their fraud mitigation efforts, Pitney Bowes Software ...
2. Visualization: The Key to Making Complex Data Accessible to Insurers
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... insurance sector; information from clients, agents and regulators offers underwriters unprecedented insight into customer risk. However, it is not enough to simply capture this new data: insurers must ...
3. pick_up_banknote
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... networks, to banks, insurers, postal services, and retailers. Our company is the African distributor for Spectrum and MapInfo products - contact Joe Spring for more information! (This article is written ...
4. Flood Risk: How Insurers Can Keep Their Heads above Water
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... Consequently, location is critical to an insurers’ ability to assess risk and issue accurate flood policies to customers. A distinction of just a few hundred feet can impact whether an insurer decides ...
5. Data and Analytics that Power Customer Acquisition and Retention
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... For some insurers, this may prove to be a challenge as aging Baby Boomers and... According to a recent survey by Accenture, today’s insurance executives believe that the primary ...
With wildfire season fast approaching, it’s time for insurers to step up their game on assessing wildfire risk. Just last year, more than 67,000 wildfires occurred across nearly ten million acres ...
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