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1. Smarter Cities and the Internet of Infrastructure
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... Tech-savvy mayors are now running their local government using GIS. As a result, the information it provides can deliver essential insights into how a city can run smarter and maybe even a few more votes ...
2. The Business Value of “May We Use Your Location?”
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... increasingly important insights that can become a competitive advantage, especially as retailers must find new ways to attract brick and mortar customers. So, what tools make this possible? Companies ...
3. The “Where” Factor is Now the “Wow” Factor
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... large volumes of customer-related sentiment data about brands, but also provides rich insights about how local stores interact with the customers that have visited. Using location-based social brand analytics ...
4. 3 Reasons Every Business Should Think About Location Intelligence
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... a town with a median age of 65. By combining location with third-party sources of data, businesses can glean insights that allow them to plan for the future and better anticipate what the local community ...
5. financial_services
(What we offer/Industries)
... and overlaying multiple data sets related to a specific location, you can get the insights you need to pinpoint the right branch and ATM distribution / location network for your institution. Financial ...
6. ST News 0514 - Stratus
(Press Room/Press Room)
... data users to view Web-based maps on their own, expediting access to the insights needed for internal analysis and planning. • Enjoy a faster, easier way to coordinate cross-organisational communications ...
... to better understand customer segments geographically. Rather than trying to glean insights from rows and columns of data or pretty pie charts, the analyst can see the geographic distribution of customers, ...
8. Accelerating Innovation at the IBM Impact Global Conference
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... heritage and insights on our digital commerce capabilities and location-based... We just got back from the IBM Impact 2014 Global Conference, where IT and business professionals come ...
... data does not have to be overwhelming, but can instead yield actionable insights that... In the smartphone era, companies have access to an avalanche of location data with billions ...
10. AnnualUserConference_2015
(Press Room/Conference)
... planners, and GIS professionals - even non-GIS users - gain new insights into their markets, share information-rich maps and graphs and improve strategic decision-making. Another main topic was data. ...
11. First East African MapInfo GIS Seminar
(Press Room/Conference)
... users - gain new insights into their markets, share information-rich maps and graphs and improve strategic decision-making. See your business data in a bold new way with MapInfo Professional, a powerful ...
12. Geocoding: Improving Utility Service and Reliability
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
...  Step two: Using geocoding to gain real-time insights Once the accuracy of an organization’s location data is ensured, utilities can use geocoding technology to gain insight into geographic data in ...
13. Location Intelligence in a cardless society
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... their ability to deliver their offers to the right customers at the right times, in the right places for real-time benefit.  Just as geo-based insights can help card issuers strengthen their profitable ...
14. Making Mapping a Snap for Telcos
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
It’s no secret that maps provide an easily digestible way to organize business data and share that data across the enterprise. The insights pulled from mapping analysis are often used ...
15. Is Your Data Enhancing or Hurting Customer Experience?
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... panel to discuss leveraging data to meet consumer needs in an omni-channel environment. This panel will bring together industry leaders who will share insights into the technology, trends and tools that ...
16. Choosing a Successful Location Requires Analytics; Not Instincts
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... Predictive Analytics series to learn more about the key insights that can help restaurateurs and retailers assess their market, analyze and benchmark individual store performance, perform competitive analysis ...
17. Measuring the Impact of Customer Communication Management Technology
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... the Telecom Industry on September 17th from 2-3 pm EST to gain insights on a fast and effective methodology for calculating ROI and TEI. We hope you join us for this vital discussion that is sure to provide ...
... Willets Effective Intelligence: Jonathan Tee ST Group Product Update: Mark Kindler Metropolitan Life: Gavin Aspeling On The Dot: Daniel de la Rey Spatial Insights: ...
19. Operational GIS: Driving Place-based Insights for Business Analytics
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... analytics, visualization of options and scenarios, and sharing of results and insights. Similarly, the populations of many US cities has been steadily growing (about 40 percent) during the past 30 years, ...
20. Telco Tips: Managing Customer and Location Based Data
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... major business decisions riding on accurate insights, it is essential to ensure that underlying address data is of the highest quality before assigning geocodes. Telecommunication organizations need to ...
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