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1. Pitney Bowes and the Industrial Internet of Things
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... traffic captured by indoor beacons can yield buying patterns of the most loyal customers. Retailers are looking to more accurately predict sales, thus enabling better merchandising and ultimately making ...
2. The Business Value of “May We Use Your Location?”
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... in near real-time and by specific location, are a gold mine. One-to-one marketing is a reality as retailers employ in-store beacon technology to “sense” when a loyal customer enters through their door. ...
3. The “Where” Factor is Now the “Wow” Factor
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... location analytics, this “where” factor becomes the “wow” factor. Let’s look at an example: Twitter has become a popular customer relationship management tool for retailers. The social media giant generates ...
4. SpectrumSpatialAnalyst
(What we offer/LI Products)
  Spectrum Spatial Analyst Gain access to location-based data and analysis via your own infrastructure, sharing geo-based enterprise data with coworkers, citizens, customers and partners. ...
5. SpectrumSpatialPlatform
(What we offer/LI Products)
  Spectrum Spatial Platform Gain access to location-based data and analysis via your own infrastructure, sharing geo-based enterprise data with coworkers, citizens, customers and partners. ...
6. SpectrumSpatialBI
(What we offer/LI Products)
... decisions. Some 80% of all data contains a spatial component. Consider the inherently spatial aspects of customers, competitors, stores, assets, networks, facilities and service centers. Spatial patterns ...
For some time now, the biggest challenge for businesses involving location intelligence isn’t understanding why it’s important to know where their customers are. That’s a given. It’s ...
8. 3 Reasons Every Business Should Think About Location Intelligence
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... paid advertising options that businesses can use to target local customers. For example, a restaurant in Dallas can use Twitter to send a Promoted Tweet offering an exclusive discount to people who are ...
9. Location Intelligence: Now Better, Faster, Stronger
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
It’s not surprising that businesses are tapping into location-based analytics. Marketers are using location information to send customized messages to on-the-go customers. Insurance carriers ...
You’d have trouble finding a business that doesn’t use data every day to make decisions. The range of activities businesses use data for is seemingly endless, from marketing and customer ...
11. telco
(What we offer/Industries)
  Location Intelligence in Telecommunication Anticipate customer needs and grow revenue while enhancing networks.     Geographical data is critical for network planning and ...
12. financial_services
(What we offer/Industries)
... of existing and upcoming competitors.   Detailed data about local market dynamics and customer demographics can be visualised as you make the branch network distribution decisions. By mapping ...
13. PowerNetMaestro
(What we offer/Utilities)
... consumption reports, customer lists, feeder-connected transformer reports, thematic maps of consumption and more. Based on Maplnfo, from Pitney Bowes, PowernetMaestro ensures high quality of data. The ...
14. HydroNetMaestro
(What we offer/Utilities)
... The real world location of each subscriber is known and recorded in the customer information system. This knowledge effectively guides procedures such as network maintenance and meter installation (or ...
15. retail
(What we offer/Industries)
... data including consumer expenditure); spatial and customer analytics software solutions combined with our advanced spatial modelling techniques help you forecast the potential sales of a new location and ...
16. bizindicator
(What we offer/Spatial Data Products)
... produced data leverages Location Intelligence to help executives answer critical questions. Using customer address information with demographic, consumer lifestyle, business and retail data, together with ...
17. MapInfo Pro
(What we offer/LI Products)
... according to the number of customers in each area.     Share your results: MapInfo Professional makes communicating your results easy, thanks to its wide range of data sharing and publishing ...
18. MapInfo Pro Raster
(What we offer/LI Products)
... able to create a grid from points by performing interpolation (or other mathematical methods for creating grids). As such, customers that require this functionality may wish to continue to use Vertical ...
19. ST News 0514 - Stratus
(Press Room/Press Room)
... and sharing geo-based enterprise data with co- workers, citizens, constituents and customers. With Stratus, anyone can overlay current data from MapInfo Professional. Users can select views and deliver ...
20. ST News 0514 - SiteMarker
(Press Room/Press Room)
... around the catchment zones around selected sites based on customer data associated with those sites. This customer data might include various views of customer spend, whether weighted or not and whether ...
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