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1. Smarter Cities and the Internet of Infrastructure
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... we have a qualified workforce? Where’s the land to build factories? Will this attract new business? How do we increase the tax base to support new infrastructure? But many days the focus is even closer ...
2. Pitney Bowes and the Industrial Internet of Things
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... addition, the projected number of connected devices is staggering. In 2015, Business Insider predicts that there will be 4,800 connected endpoints added every minute, growing to 7,900 by 2020. This explosive ...
3. The Business Value of “May We Use Your Location?”
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... and other social media puts a strain on analysts. Faster data processing by spatial databases and analytics derived from location-enabled business intelligence solutions support more timely information ...
4. The “Where” Factor is Now the “Wow” Factor
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... and longitude. What’s possible now is the ability to extract the inherent content and context of social media data to reveal proximity relationships not previously seen with more mainstream business intelligence ...
5. How Location Intelligence Will Power Intelligent Cities
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
Local government relies heavily on geographic information about the conditions of roads, location of crimes and the ability to attract business through economic development. Today, cities ...
6. SpectrumSpatialAnalyst
(What we offer/LI Products)
... be used. While other solutions can take weeks or months to be useful, Spatial Analyst can take minutes.   BUSINESS BENEFITS: • Enable customized self-service by providing maps and schedules, specific ...
7. SpectrumSpatialPlatform
(What we offer/LI Products)
...  Product Overview Spectrum Spatial is an enterprise location platform designed to provide organizations with a suite of broadly applicable location capabilities that solve a wide variety of business ...
8. SpectrumSpatialBI
(What we offer/LI Products)
  Spectrum Spatial for BI Gain new and better insight from spatial data within your Business Intelligence System . Product Overview Today’s high-performing business and government ...
For some time now, the biggest challenge for businesses involving location intelligence isn’t understanding why it’s important to know where their customers are. That’s a given. It’s ...
10. 3 Reasons Every Business Should Think About Location Intelligence
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... directions and more… and consumers are expecting companies to follow suit. While many businesses have been hesitant to adopt location intelligence platforms, expecting a degree of difficulty in implementing ...
11. Location Intelligence: Now Better, Faster, Stronger
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
It’s not surprising that businesses are tapping into location-based analytics. Marketers are using location information to send customized messages to on-the-go customers. Insurance carriers ...
You’d have trouble finding a business that doesn’t use data every day to make decisions. The range of activities businesses use data for is seemingly endless, from marketing and customer ...
16th Annual ST Group User Conference Downloads:   Key Note Speaker (Pitney Bowes Business Insight): James Brayshaw "Big Data and its impact in Africa" Geo Terra Image: Stuart Martin "Spatial ...
15th Annual ST Group User Conference Downloads:   Key Note Speaker (Pitney Bowes Business Insight): James Brayshaw AfricaScope: Craig Schwabe "The Africa Imperative - census data the foundation" ...
15. Insurance
(What we offer/Industries)
... risk from an individual policy level to an aggregated, book-of-business view – all in near-real time. Combining data with geo-spatial and analytical capabilities, our solution provides critical insight ...
16. telco
(What we offer/Industries)
... intelligence of Pitney Bowes MapInfo. ConnectMaster supports key business tasks for both domains – physical inventory management and logical resource management within one integrated product.   ...
17. financial_services
(What we offer/Industries)
... critical market characteristics such as concentrations of demographic/lifestyle profiles, product demand and growth characteristics – from consumers, small business and daytime worker populations and more. ...
18. bizindicator
(What we offer/Spatial Data Products)
BizIndicator Identifying and stratifying new business   BizIndicator Because location is critical to most businesses, Spatial Technologies provides many of the best-known and fastest ...
19. ST News 0514 - user profiles
(Press Room/Press Room)
... to Consumer Marketing has evolved into one of the most powerful advertising tools available to businesses, be they manufacturers, retailers or service providers. Direct Marketing earned its spurs by delivering ...
20. ST News 0514 - Stratus
(Press Room/Press Room)
... mapping application that provides current information about the location of assets, businesses and services. Its customisable, interactive portal places the richness of location intelligence at the fingertips ...
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