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1. Smarter Cities and the Internet of Infrastructure
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... strives to set specifications for interfaces between mobile devices and sensors, and to develop data models that connect to web services. These specifications enable data visualization and analytics that ...
2. Pitney Bowes and the Industrial Internet of Things
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... data streams demand partners like GE and the Predix platform to be able to support customer demands. Pitney Bowes’ (PB) location intelligence technology and global data portfolio offer analytics, visualization ...
3. The Business Value of “May We Use Your Location?”
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... and other social media puts a strain on analysts. Faster data processing by spatial databases and analytics derived from location-enabled business intelligence solutions support more timely information ...
4. The “Where” Factor is Now the “Wow” Factor
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... location analytics, this “where” factor becomes the “wow” factor. Let’s look at an example: Twitter has become a popular customer relationship management tool for retailers. The social media giant generates ...
5. SpectrumSpatialPlatform
(What we offer/LI Products)
... cost effective way. Rely on Spectrum Spatial for a true view and full use of your data. Spectrum Spatial provides the functions and sophisticated analytics to help you optimize business operations – including ...
6. SpectrumSpatialBI
(What we offer/LI Products)
... to provide comprehensive mapping data visualization and spatial analytics within the BI environment. Organizations can gain new insight from the spatial aspect of their data. Spectrum Spatial for BI is ...
7. 3 Reasons Every Business Should Think About Location Intelligence
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... really needs. 3. Location Can Super-Charge BI Business intelligence (BI) has come a long way in recent years, with new platforms offering dashboards and detailed analytics that allow companies to visualize ...
8. Location Intelligence: Now Better, Faster, Stronger
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
It’s not surprising that businesses are tapping into location-based analytics. Marketers are using location information to send customized messages to on-the-go customers. Insurance carriers ...
... predictive analytics" Standard Bank: Rudi Posthumus "The challenge of taking Business Geographics to the next level in Southern and rest of Africa: Thoughts on breaking the data barrier"  ...
10. retail
(What we offer/Industries)
... data including consumer expenditure); spatial and customer analytics software solutions combined with our advanced spatial modelling techniques help you forecast the potential sales of a new location and ...
11. ST News 0514 - SiteMarker
(Press Room/Press Room)
... analyzing, and modelling data to create better business outcomes. SiteMarker is a gravity model analytics tool that combines modelling with street and road network infrastructure and demographic data, ...
12. Location Analytics vs. Geofencing
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
Here at Pitney Bowes, we are often asked about the definition and differences between terms like Location Analytics and Geofencing. This was reinforced during our presentation at the ...
... and combine it with location analytics they can begin to provide offers to their customers that are contextually-relevant. Think about it, who is likely to respond to an offer?  The person who is using ...
... with customers at exactly the right place at the right time, driving loyalty and conversions. The new crop of location analytics software is making location intelligence accessible to employees throughout ...
15. Visualization: The Key to Making Complex Data Accessible to Insurers
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... insurance executives and 49 percent said that they expected new data analytics techniques to be a key competitive differentiator in the industry. Since then, many data analytics tools have been introduced ...
16. pick_up_banknote
(Press Room/Press Room)
... and copyrighted by Joe Spring: Spatial Analytics & Location Intelligence Consultant at the ST Group)  ...
17. Flood Risk: How Insurers Can Keep Their Heads above Water
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... surrounding natural disasters in Canada, and what insurers can do to assess and minimize the risk. It also showed a geo-analytics framework to help Canadian insurers better manage flood, and other risks. ...
18. Choosing a Successful Location Requires Analytics; Not Instincts
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... Predictive Analytics series to learn more about the key insights that can help restaurateurs and retailers assess their market, analyze and benchmark individual store performance, perform competitive analysis ...
19. Measuring the Impact of Customer Communication Management Technology
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... customer analytics, retention and/or manual labor doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Communication management technology helps organizations create, distribute and manage multi- and cross-channel communications ...
20. Embracing Digital Technology for Increased Customer Engagement
(PBBI Software Blogs/Location Intelligence)
... are most likely to buy.  Not just closer to the customer, but closer to the decision. Realize the Benefits of Predictive Analytics: New communication channels create new complexities, but also new opportunities ...
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