Pitney Bowes and SAP join business intelligence and location intelligence.

For some time now, the biggest challenge for businesses involving location intelligence isn’t understanding why it’s important to know where their customers are. That’s a given. It’s putting location intelligence in the “front seat” – making it a part of everything businesses do.

That’s what Ventana Research’s Mark Smith said in June at the MapInfo Users Conference, when he revealed the results of a study that showed the benefits that businesses expect location intelligence to provide in the next year to 18 months.

Two-thirds of survey respondents said location information would enhance their e-commerce efforts, while others mentioned consumer access to product information (60 percent), product and service fulfillment (56 percent) and B2B interaction (54 percent). That’s quite a broad range.

Location intelligence is being pushed to the forefront by another technology that is already entrenched in everything businesses do – SAP HANA. Our SAP partners told us at SAPPHIRE NOW that their customers want solutions to have more spatial capabilities.

“Large enterprises like SAP clients are now finding out that to really understand their customers, analyze their behaviors and exceed their expectations, they really need to understand where they are and how to reach them,” Mark Wright, EVP and President, Pitney Bowes Digital Commerce Solutions, shared with Mark Ferrer, chief operating officer, SAP Global Customer Operations, in a recent video interview.

As the union between location intelligence and business intelligence has shown, SAP customers that use location intelligence are more likely to reach the right customers with the right message and through the right means.

It’s all about uncovering the unexpected insight offered by relationships between location information and other customer data to create a better, customized experience for customers. A business can learn a lot about customers’ preferences based on their movements alone, and thanks to location intelligence, businesses now have a means to keep up with them, no matter where they go.

To learn more about how location intelligence and business intelligence go hand-in-hand, watch a video of the conversation between Wright and Ferrer, or sign up for a Spectrum Spatial demo.

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