EDULOAN is the leading education finance specialist catering for all levels of tuition. It has a national footprint across the country servicing schools, universities, Further Education Training colleges and Higher Education Institutions. To these education institutions Eduloan provides affordable study loans, allowing for more scholars / students to attend such facilities and ultimately making education more accessible. In addition Eduloan also provides a Bursary Fund Administration solution, assisting institutions in managing and allocating bursary monies to students. Eduloan can also provide such opportunities for corporates, in both loans and bursary management.

Eduloan’s offerings are extremely accessible to the South African Market, given the affordability, and therefore have a diverse target market – from a scholar, to a university student, to a full-time employee wanting to further extend their studies as well as a bursary recipient. In addition, Eduloan has a unique value proposition for civil servants, otherwise known as government employees, which makes it even more affordable for them to study further. Given the breadth and universe of these markets it is imperative that Eduloan is targeted in its marketing and sales approach. We need to ensure that our activities are effective, ensuring that our sales people are as productive as possible and that our marketing efforts are focussed, and penetrate the communities that we target – eliminating wastage and irrelevancy.

With MapInfo and Location Intelligence is Eduloan can geographically plan its activities in areas that it knows are richly populated with tertiary institutions, corporate and civil servant employees. Activations form a large part of the marketing efforts and this tool enables us to pin point, and proactively prepare roll out plans for on the group campaigning. In addition, to allows us where best to advertise in terms of outdoor, regional radio and community papers. It too enables us to identify if our branches are best situated in areas where there are a lot of existing and potential students, as well as recognise if there are any potential gaps for further locations.

It gives us the market intelligence we require to make informed decisions and for us to measure our targeted approach per segment, in each specific region.




Direct to Consumer Marketing has evolved into one of the most powerful advertising tools available to businesses, be they manufacturers, retailers or service providers. Direct Marketing earned its spurs by delivering positive results to its clients, and deservedly occupies its current ranking as a major force within the advertising world as a whole.

To afford optimum precision to clients, Direct Response Media (DRM) offers the services of an experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists who assist in the formulation of direct marketing strategies so that clients are assured of maximum benefit from their advertising investment. DRM believes that the key to a successful campaign depends on accurate, precise targeting, and are committed to providing the best quality service and support on offer.

In order to deliver what we believe in DRM has partnered with Spatial Technologies and has a database called “Dynamic Demographics” which is a comprehensive national database of information of Southern African suburbia, Demographics provide invaluable assistance with client’s promotions. This database contains geographic information sourced and updated by Spatial Technologies and information from local authorities including information from Census², as well as from DRM’s 40 distribution outlets situated in strategic locations countrywide as well as cross border into Namibia and Botswana.

The following details are captured at suburb level:

• Number of houses - Townhouses and flats

• Income indicators

• Race group

• Predominant language group Freesheet footprints

Spatial Technologies also supply DRM with updated sets for:

• Streets

• Suburbs

• Railways

• Shopping Centres

The above profiles are utilized for creating proposals in a spatial map. In addition various geo-demographic data-sets, sourced from Spatial Technologies, can be overlaid onto demographics to give client a detailed overview of their marketing spend.

DRM in partnership with Spatial Technologies enables clients to convey their message to their target market with “Bulls Eye Precision”.

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